Thursday, December 12, 2013

Worship Wednesday (Thursday Edition)

I have been following the She Reads Truth Devotional entitled Emmanuel (Which means = God With Us)
Today's devotional was really uplifting because it talks about God's all knowing power, creator of the heavens and the earth yet he seeks out our individual heart and soul. 
Here is a little part from the devotional. 
No, God’s greatness doesn’t diminish my importance. And it doesn’t concern me that I may be overlooked. God’s greatness is my great comfort, because He has told me how he feels about me. He told me that He loves me with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3)
And if the great enormity of my God causes me to feel security and not insecurity, what in this passing world is big enough to woo me away from Him? What obstacle or unknown is great enough to cause me to forget my security in Him?
Sisters, if we truly believe in the greatness of God – in His size and power and sovereignty, His love and saving work – then this is all we need to find comfort for a lifetime.
This song is really unique and has a special perspective on the night Jesus was born. Celebrating Our Savior's birth this time of year is sometimes lost in the hustle and bustle of presents, baking, and family get togethers. But this beautiful song is a wonderful display of the true meaning of Christmas and the amazing Gift brought to earth just US!
Check out the Video Here
I wonder if you've heard the story
Of little fame and lesser glory
The night the keeper of the inn
In the little town of Bethlehem
Encountered Joseph and his Mary
About to birth the Savior of the world

His wife said, go and see who's knocking
He ran down to the gate, unlocked it
The moment he heard Mary's cry
He couldn't look them in the eye
Denied them and went back to bed
When his wife asked who was there
He said, I don't know

Just a girl
Just a couple gypsies begging at the door
Told ‘em we don't have room for any more
And closed the door
It was just a girl

He tried to sleep but wasn't able
He snuck out to the dirty stable
The two had found for covering
And laid her in her suffering
The keeper knelt outside the barn
And in the light of that great star
He prayed, what have I done

He's just a babe
Just minutes old there trembling in the hay
I could have found a room for them to stay
I'm so ashamed
He's just a babe

There was no robe, there was no crown
The shepherds stood on royal ground
The keeper wept for what he'd done
He turned away God's own Son

Just a King
Just a million angels crowding in to see
Jesus there among humanity
Just a babe
Just minutes old there trembling in the hay
Staring at his mother in the face
She's just a girl
Just a girl
Does she even know that she just changed the world
Does she even know that He will save the world
Does Mary know that He will save the world
She's just a girl
Just a girl

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