Fitness Flare

June Goal Update! ~ Run more, Latte Less
1st week: 9 Miles logged
2nd Week: 10 Miles logged - Still no Starbucks and haven't paid for a latte all month!
June 13th-17th ~ Ran 5 consecutive days (which is a personal best for me I think)
Third Week in June: HIT workout and Tone It up Videos
Leaning towards Paleo Diet Plan...That way I can eat fruit but still stay away from carbs

Last Week  in May
5.5 miles run & Ab routine
134 # as of 3 weeks ago after starting low carb diet..Will update soon! can you tell I dont' like to get on the scale very often ;)
wanted to post my workout schedule from last week. So here is it :)
Sunday- 2.4 mile run at 80's totally rad run
Monday - quick mile run before work
Tuesday - Turbo Kick Class
Thursday - Turbo Kick Class / 1 mile run / strength moves with weights
Well I think I have 5k fever! I ran in my first (sorta) 5k this weekend. It was the Totally Rad 80's run but it was only 2.4 miles because they messed up on the course and we missed a whole section of the race. It was still fun but I wanted to see what my time was to compare beginning of the summer to the end of summer. Here is a list of some 5k/10k's that I really want to do this summer. I am for sure running in the Color Run at the end of May because I just signed up for it tonight.
1. Color Run - May 25th
2. Hope 365 5k - June 8th
3. Omaha Triatholon - July 21st
4. Donate Life 3mile - July 27th
5. Glow Run - August 17th
6. Mud Run Lincoln - August 24th
7. Omaha Midnight Run - September 7th
8. Corporate Cup - September 16th
9. Omaha Marathon - September 22nd
10. Susan G. Komen - September 28th
11. 5K Zombie Style - October 13th in Lincoln
12. Ugly Sweater 5k - December 16th
So who's with me?!?! The average cost I would say is about $40 and a lot of them are for charity. I hope I can talk Alex into running some with me :)
On the 17th I attempted to start the Dr. Oz cleanse (see below) without much success. I bought all of the ingredients for the smoothies but with my messed up sleep schedule I found myself only having 1 smoothie a day. The breakfast one is pretty good and I would recommend it. The lunch one is hard to choke down and if you can get passed the green color you might be ok. I haven't tried the supper one yet but I will soon. This sunday I'm going to attempt it again and really try to have 3 shakes a day plus get a better blender! I gave the plan to one of my co-workers and she said she is going to try it too! Here is my fitness log for the beginning of the week...
Saturday: Treadmill sequence (running on incline and interval speeds between 5 mph- 6mph) & cardio sequence off of pinterest. I was able to do the sequence 2 times all the way through and replaced the jogging/marching with 10 burpees. Total workout time = 60 minutes

Monday: Zumba Class, 1.5 miles Treadmil with speed intervals, 10 minutes stairmaster (estimated 500 calories burned)
Tuesday: Jog outside for 1.41 miles in 17 minutes (how am I so exact? used the Endomundo App on my iphone)
The other night I made a delicious new recipe that I thought I would share. I made chicken meatball subs and it was a nice change from the regular casserole or chicken breast dish. It was pretty easy and even though Alex didn't get to eat any I would say it was still a success and I will make it again. I got the recipe off of which is one of my favorite blogs to check out for meals. Here is a link to the recipe

I have been wanting to do a detox for awhile. It is hard with my work schedule and I know that I really can't do the detox on days that I work a 12 hr shift so I am going to try on MARCH 17TH start a 3 day detox. I saw it on the Dr. Oz show (which is kind of silly, I know) and I think (hope) I will be able to complete it! I will have to go shopping before and maybe get a new blender. It is roughly $16 for the whole grocery list and it is the same shakes for 3 days. The cool thing is there is an epson salt bath at the end of each day which would be kinda nice to try! Here is a link to the detox on the Dr. Oz website and feel free to comment if you want to join me!
Well these last few days have been rough since I gave up chocolate for lent. This is by far the longest I have gone without chocolate in my whole entire life and sometimes I wonder why I put myself through it. Some people ask, "but you aren't Catholic, Why are you giving up something?" Well when I think of the advent season and what my God gave up for me to gain heaven than I think Why Not?!?! He gave his only son and watched him go through struggles, beatings, whippings, temptations and ridicule just so that we could have life! So I think the least I can do is show some self-control and give up chocolate for 40 some days. I have also limited my intake of baked goods. This week I started off with a Zumba class on Monday and a Turbo Kick class today. Turbo kick is a great calorie burner and surprisingly pretty hard. Tonight there was a 25 minute add on series with songs then a Turbo series that we repeated 3 times. That series included jumping jacks, tuck jumps, burpees, jabs and kicks. Then we wrapped up with about another 20 minutes series with add ons and a cool down. I put the exercise in my "Lose It" app and it calculated 464 calories burned!
Last Tuesday I took a new class at 24 hour called TurboKick. It was a lot of fun. The instructor had tons of spunk and was in great shape. The class mostly consists of kickboxing to different songs, usually adding on steps during the song. Then there is this turbo/plyo part that repeats a circuit 5 times. In between the circuits there is like a one minute pause for plank, push-ups or some other strength training thing. It was a lot of fun and challenging. I will definitely be taking another class soon!
I figure one of the big things I can post on here is a review of my workout plans or healthy recipes I make for my hubby and I.
2nd Week in February
Monday- Boot camp class in the morning with an instructor that was crazy high energy! We must have done what felt like 1,000 jumping jacks and even though all the jacks got a little old it was a great workout. It was mostly like an aerobics class. Not the best boot camp class I have taken at 24 hour but It got the job done. Then that evening I felt like being an over-achiever so I also went to a Zumba class with my favorite instructor. I really try to make it to all of her classes because she does a fun class that burns a lot of calories.
After the class I made dinner which was Skinny Chicken Broccoli Alfredo that I found on one of my favorite blogs
I had never made alfredo sauce from scratch but this is definitely going to be my go-to and it is Healthy! You should probably try it! I doubled up the batch because once the chicken and broccoli was added it was a little too thick.
The middle of the week I really didn't feel too motivated and I worked a full day on wednesday (still no excuse) at the Pregnancy center so I didn't make it to the gym.
Thursday- While on the stairmaster I got a call from work letting me know that I was late started (Woot Woot!) After checking to make sure I was alright since my breathing was labored they let me know I didn't have to call till 11:00 pm to see if I had to go in or not. So this let me really finish a decent workout since there was a spinning class that was just starting. And as much as it stinks to sit on those uncomfortable, tiny seats it was still a great workout.

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