Sunday, June 14, 2015

Whew....I didn't go exactly a WHOLE year without posting.

Where does the time go? I can't believe it was last June that I posted. A lot has happened of course! I continue to work at Advanced Dermatology and Assure Women's Center. We got a new manager at our Dermatology clinic which has been awesome and I really enjoy the hours & people I work with. My patients always make me laugh and it is great to see them when they are feeling for the most part well :) I'm attempting to get more hours at Assure because I love the mission there! For now I'm working on being content with two Thursdays a month.
BIG NEWS! Found out my best friend and her husband are expecting their first Baby in August! Kendra has been a steady & wonderful friend that is a strong Christian women. From the beginning of our friendship I knew she would be an amazing mom and now the time as finally come! They are not finding out the gender of the baby until the big day and I think that is so exciting (and takes WAY MORE patience than I have!)
My friend Mallory and her husband are also having their first baby that they are expecting THIS MONTH! It is great seeing my friends transition into the roles of motherhood and I'm impatiently waiting for the day I can hold that little guy! At the beginning of May Kendra, Bailey and I drove to Hickman, NE for a baby shower for Mal.

6 Humans!! :)
This year has most importantly been filled with my sister and Kyle's wedding preparations! They get married in less than 2 weeks now and I almost don't want it to get here because planning has been so much fun. They are perfect for each other and have been together for over 7 years! In April, Megan had her bridal shower in Marcus at Peace Lutheran Church. The shower committee (Deb Mayer and Carla Weber along with many others) threw an amazing shower. Deb Mayer gave a devotional centered around being a devoted Christian wife. Megan opened presents all morning and got a lot of great items to stock their new house in Cherokee. At the end of the shower Kyle came in with some roses and was ready to do the heavy lifting to get all the gifts transported.

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