Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekend Updates & Meg's 22nd Birthday

Happy Hump Day everyone! I actually think of Wednesday as the middle of the work week because I'm working regular 5 days a week with my NEW nursing position at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands. Today however is an unusual day because Omaha was hit with it's first big blizzard of the winter season and the clinic is closed which means I kinda feel like a teacher enjoying this snow day! I'm blessed to have a nursing job where I can learn so much about a very specific set of conditions and treatments for the skin. I really enjoy the staff I work with and it isn't a bad place for a former lifeguard that spent 6 summers in the blazing sun ;)
with monitors, cables and wires cleared out

In other news, a few weekends ago my parents came down to spend the Saturday helping with various projects around the house. My dad went right into action to clear out some space in our downstairs closet that was previously occupied by tons of random security equipment that the previous homeowner had installed in there. I was so excited to get that nonsense out of there that I forgot to take a "before" picture. 

Then we moved on to the guest bedroom closet to touch up the ceiling that was not quite completed when the house was built. Our home has a lot of character that I love but when having an older home comes areas for improvement. One of my good friends Anna will be staying with us for a few months during her Physical Therapy rotation starting in March so it is a great excuse to get the room finished off and cozy! 

Dad hard at work - looking like a Coal Minor
Finished product!

After we completed all the projects we could get to in one day, we had a delicious meal a Red Robin! Having family come into town is already a treat and luckily my sister is completing her nursing preceptorship in Omaha at my old stomping grounds, The Nebraska Medical Center. Kyle and her came down Monday night through Thursday so we Alex and I helped Meg celebrate her 22nd Birthday. Here are some pictures from that fun filled week! 

Drinks and Dinner at The Homy Inn 

Her Favorite! 

Kyle and Kobe bonding 

Dinner at The Drover
Cheesecake with Julie and Linda 
And this past Sunday was spent with Kendra, Trent, Bailey, Josh and Harper for The Super Bowl. The game wasn't excited at all but spending time with my Best Friends is never disappointing! Harper was pretty chatty and such a cute little girl in her polka dot bow headband! Kendra as always was a great hostess and I ate too many of the white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies she baked! 

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