Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dominated the Dominican

Tuesday night we unfortunately returned back to reality and 10 degree temps from gorgeous 80 degree weather with views of turquoise water and sandy beaches! Thankfully all our flights went smoothly despite airline delays the week before. Originally I felt guilty about going on this trip to the Dominican where there are so many poverty stricken areas and being on the same island as Haiti my heart was torn. I shared this feeling with a co-worker at Assure and she really helped me put it in perspective by saying "Oh don't feel guilty when God gives you those blessings." Being able to share in Kyle and Dacey's wedding was such neat experience and to be there for their vows on the beach as they start their life together was amazing! I am always blown away by the loyalty and dedication to friendship that Alex has displayed over the years to his friends.
Alex and Kyle right before the Wedding
Thursday // Arrived at the resort early evening. Checked out the beach for the first time. Hung out in the Lobby bar area with the majority of the wedding group while sipping on cocktails. 

Finally the beach after 5 hours of flying!

Friday // Woke up early to get spots poolside.  Swam in the ocean and talked to a guy that was wind surfing. Alex & Kyle played water polo with a group from the resort (Their team won of course) Played "Domino Diving" contest. My teammate and I collected 27 sunken dominoes in 1 minute ( all those years teaching kids swimming lessons really paid off :)) Ate at the Mexican Restaurant and had strawberry tequila shots for dessert. Alex and I checked out the piano bar in the lobby.

Domino Diving 
The "CC" group waiting for the rest of the party. 
Saturday // Wedding Day! Kyle knocked on our door to make sure we were waking up! We quick grabbed something at the buffet and made sure Cody (The Best Man) was where he was supposed to be and on time ;) The wedding started at 11:00 am as Dacey's dad, Sam, walked her down the aisle. The ceremony was done in Spanish (since that is the national language of DR) and translated for us. After a quick set of "I Do's" it was time for champagne, Gangnam Style Music and a lot of pictures with the beautiful backdrop of the ocean! That night we had the wedding dinner at the Italian restaurant and I filled up on waaayyy too much of the delicious chocolate/pudding filled wedding cake!

Sunday // Relaxing day spent poolside and Cody, Alex and I walked the coastline the the west of our resort. We had views of parasailers, sailboats and even some couples wearing matching swimsuits :) We walked about 3 miles and Cody and I even showed off our gymnastic skills on the beach. 

C.C. - Our group name :) 

Monday // Day filled with adventure. Alex, Cody and I went on a 4 hour boat ride along the coast to go snorkeling, swimming with stingrays and sharks and chilling in a natural pool far west of our resort. Unfortunately I don't have 'proof' with pictures of us with the sharks and stingrays but it was a way cool experience! We took shots of Mama-Wana (the National drink of the DR) and soaked up every moment of our last day in paradise! That night we had dinner on the beach at the seafood restaurant with Kyle, Dacey, Kendra, Jen, and Cody. 
Ready for our Adventure - Hoping we come back with all our limbs!

Huge plate of Lobster 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!I

Happy New year everyone! 2013 brought a lot of fun, changes, challenges, and blessings. I started last year off with a Jar of "Epic Moments of 2013" and wanted to jot a few down.

  • Ultrasound with Bailey at the Women's Center where I work, found out that her little peanut was a girl and got to share the special moment of seeing little Harper for the first time. 
  • Trip to the Zoo with Brady, Kelli, Dan, Kendra, Trisha, Brendan, Bailey and Josh. 
  • Mike Graduated! Big party out at the farm with all of our friends and family. 
  • Fireworks in Memorial Park with Alex's family - a great tradition!
  • Trip to Moore, OK with Bailey and Josh to help with Tornado Relief - even though this was such a tragedy, the experience was like no other and it was amazing to see the people of Moore and their resilience. 
  • New Farm dog Addy! Sweet little golden retriever that was such a small playful puppy who instantly melted our hearts. 
  • Boating and Skiing in Okoboji in July - Boji is easily one of my favorite places on Earth
  • Horseback riding in the Black Hills 
  • Running in the Big10 10k in Chicago, IL with Alex and Tim. 
  • 1st wedding Anniversary date at Kona Grill 
  • Kendra passes the CPA exams and we celebrate with a party at her house!
  • Baby Harper is Born! Loved visiting her for the first time and can't wait to watch her as she grows!
  • Megan, Mom and I make a whole thanksgiving dinner for the first time - Nailed it!
  • Christmas in Marcus with the whole family after Megan and Kyle returned from Georgia. Kyle received NAIA player of the year and made a DVD for our family with football memories. We had fun playing "skittles" in the basement and enjoying a delicious dinner at Grandpa's on Christmas Day. 
Well that was more than just a few but it is hard to narrow down all those wonderful moments of the past year. Alex and I sure are blessed as I look over this list and I know 2014 will bring new changes that I have no doubt will make us stronger, more humble, patient and faithful.

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