Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yes.. I have been MIA

Hey Blogger friends, life got a little busy..I was transitioning into a new job and busy with house projects and various weekend getaways. But I'm back now! Don't know for how long, but I hope I can keep some consistent posts coming at least once a week. A LOT has happened since I last wrote and I'm eager to catch you up on some things from my life. Since so much has happened I might as well fill you in with some bullet points.

1 //  We had a wonderful house guest for 2 months - My great friend Anna from my hometown. She was doing her last rotation for physical therapy right here in Omaha and passed her boards!

2 // We tore down our deck! And are in the process of building a new one that is 5 feet longer. 

3 // My sister graduated from nursing school AND got engaged AND passed her boards....And got a nursing position at Cherokee Hospital!

4 // My brother spent a whole weekend with us in Omaha which was a blast!

5 // I started a new job at a Dermatology Clinic and am loving the great hours and weekends off. Plus I decided to go back to school in the fall to get my Nurse Practitioner degree!

6 // Alex talked me in to buying a compound bow but it didn't take a lot of convincing once I realized how good I was at it ;) I'm hoping to shoot a turkey!

7 // I celebrated in Des Moines with a bunch of friends for Mallory's Bachelorette party and had the honor of being her personal attendant in her wedding yesterday (pictures to come!) 

8 // We have another house guest at Casa de Williams - Alex's best friend Richard recently got out of the Marines and moved back to Omaha. 

9 // On Memorial Day I ran in a 5 mile run at Boys Town and had a time of 57 minutes.

10 // Alex surprised me with tickets to Wicked for my 26th Birthday! 

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