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Date: March 10th, 2016  **update** realized that this list is now expired.  It ended on 02/14/16 and I should probably update it ;) It's fun to see all the things I thought I was going to do and all the things that I actually did accomplish in under 3 years. 

I found this idea off of another blog and thought it would be a great addition to my blog. I have always been very goal oriented and this is a way to have a list of goals to be completed in 2.74 years in a handy spot! I will cross things off as I complete them and hopefully reach all 101 by the end of the 1001 days (from my birthday because it will take a couple days to compile this list) which happens to be Valentines Day 2016!


1. Read all the books on my Amazon Wish List - yeah not even close
2. Run in a 10K (set date for September 2013) - completed Univ. Boji run in 1:07, 2nd 10K on July 27th in Chicago
3. Reach and Maintain 120 pounds - haha..this one is sooo funny ;) 
4. Go to the Dentist at least once a year 
5. Renew Gym Membership 
6. Become a Zumba Instructor  ACCOMPLISHED!! Hoping to become a regular teacher 
7. Help Mikey move into ISU - didn't happen but I did visit him a few times :) 
8. Attend 2 of Kyle's Football games Fall 2013.  
9. Be at my sister's pinning ceremony and graduation from Morningside  completed! and was there on that day to listen to the story of how Kyle proposed to her :) <3
10. Tell my parents and siblings each week how much I love them! for the most part I did this - with frequent text messages and snap chats! 
11. Tell Alex everyday how much I love him!  of course!! Love him more and more each day! Marriage sure isn't easy but it is worth every fight or struggle to have a constant relationship in your life. 
12. Be caught up on scrapbooking - especially of our wedding - didn't happen and I think this will be on my "to-do" list until I die :( 
13. Watch less TV 
14. Visit Bailey and Harper Monthly - 
15. Visit Kendra and Her baby Monthly  (because I know she will have one by then) might not have been monthly but I'm glad she has little "big" Samuel ! 
16. Enjoy the Little things
17. Take time to be thankful for all my blessings
18. Have baby Williams bun in the oven (EEEKKK...) - haha!! no way... Tanzania first then we will see .... 
19. Run in 10 more 5K's (Anthon, Marcus)
20. Beat personal best 5K time of 29:30
21. Change my contacts every 3 weeks (I know it seems like a silly goal)
22. Try to Blog at least every week
23. Attend Farmer's Market this summer in Omaha
24. See the movie The Great Gatsby
25. Be more patient
26. Drink more water
27. Stick with the low-carb diet Doing Paleo Diet and Loving it!
28. Keep dirty dishes out of the sink - don't let them get out of hand and stack up
29. Go tailgating and ISU football game with the family
30. Go horseback riding in the black hills this summer See this post
31. Spend every chance I get by the pool in the summer this one had some reservations when I was working at ADOM, but you can't stop this girl from loving the sun!! 
32. Go on a run every summer with Alex at Lake Cunningham well... cunningham lake has some creepers so we will just be sure not to go running ALONE there!! 
33. Go fishing
34. Ride my bike to work at the pregnancy center - still don't own a bike ..haha
35. Do a wine and canvas night with my friends  Happened at Mal's bachelorette party & Meg's bachelorette party (which was super sketchy & I wouldn't recommend The Tipsy Red Fox in KC!)
36. Attend an outdoor yoga class
37. Go on a bike ride with Kendra - and again...I don't have a bike :( 
38. Have a grill out night with Kendra/Trent, Bay/Josh
39. Go Golfing with Alex
40. Play Tennis with Alex (and get better at it)
41. Workout 3x a week for the most part I have been rockin this! I have really increased my exercise routine! 
42. Watch Season 4 of Walking Dead with Alex
43. Go on a picnic
44. Go to a Broadway play
45. Have 5 pages of items for sale on my Etsy Shop
46. Eat less fast food = more home-cooked meals/groceries
47. Use current Groupons
48. Go to 5 new restaurants in Omaha with Alex (Blue Planet, Jerico's, Lot 2, vodoo taco,Mantra )
49. Watch all the Twilight Saga movies
50. Watch wedding video every year on our anniversary


51. Finish reading "The Story" with Alex
52. Attend Church at least once a month 
53. Take another Beth Moore Bible Study
54. Share my faith with strangers and friends 
55. Live as an example to others by keeping a positive attitude and a faithful heart
56. Go back to TANZANIA! this is happening!! With Hope Ministries, flight leaves in 70 days (May 19th-June6th, 2016) 
57. Donate to Operation Shoebox every Christmas ('13-'14'-15)
58. Do #SheReadsTruth Devotions
59. Donate to the food drive at work every year
60. Do a Random Act of Kindness Every Week


61. Become certified in Med-Surg
62.  Become a preceptor on 9 North
63. Become certified to do Sonography at Pregnancy Center
64. Be on the Day shift whatever unit I end up working on!  YES!! LOVE being at Neb. Orthopedic Hospital 
65. Keep Nursing Portfolio and Resume up to date
66. Work on another unit such as ER/ICU/Oncology
67. Have a plan for further education/degree (Mental Health Practitioner)
68. Be five minutes early to work every day 


69. Stair remodel from carpet to hardwood floor
70. Bathroom remodel - guest and master
71. New Carpet on main floor
72. Termite inspection
73. Have Kobe toilet trained - this was a no go :( can't teach an old cat new tricks!
74. Take Kobe to the vet 
75. Remove wood divider in garage 
76. Organized downstairs bedroom
77. put up hammock
78. plant more flowers - rose bush in the front and pots on the balcony
79. finish painting white desk and put together guest bedroom
80. Donate junk to Salvation Army
81. Deck remodel with staircase  LOOKS GORGEOUS! thanks to Brian Bross, Eric Williams, Jack and my Hubby. 
82. Decorate wall in Master Bedroom


83. 50% increase in monthly house payments from current monthly payment. 
84. Have Nissan 75% paid off 
85. Have $_____ in savings (I won't share this number but I will remember what it is) -haha! sure didn't remember what magical amount I wanted to have in my savings. 
86. Have 50 sales from Etsy Shop
87. Continue to donate to KLove Monthly
88. Pay off $7000 in student loans
89. Set up College Fund for future Baby Williams
90. Better/New Insurance for Home/Car
91. Have wedding band insured 


92. Dominican Republic (January 2014) 
93. Lake Tahoe 
94. Lake Okoboji at least 5 times (1 time done in July 2013)
95. Colorado Getaway
96. Have planning in the works for Deichmann Kid Cruise
97. Tanzania, Africa (yes I'm putting it on here twice) And it's finally happinging #praiseGod 
98. Visit Meg in Rochester, MN didn't happen, too busy :(
99. Weekend getaway to Chicago, IL Done! read about trip here
100. Go to California

101. Build a Firepit


  1. megan deichmannSeptember 26, 2013

    #98 makes me sad... wish we could have found some time to spend together this summer.

  2. I just perused this list, but let me know when you do #100! I would love to be your tour guide! And I guess I really actually want to be in on 92-97 as well... Really I wanted to comment on all these and all the rest of your blog. We need to catch up. I miss you.

    1. Trish you would be a great tour guide for #100! I will let you know when we get to go.. It will hopefully be a combined trip with Lake Tahoe! and feel free to tag along on all the other travels ;) Miss you too and we do need to catch up!


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