Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!I

Happy New year everyone! 2013 brought a lot of fun, changes, challenges, and blessings. I started last year off with a Jar of "Epic Moments of 2013" and wanted to jot a few down.

  • Ultrasound with Bailey at the Women's Center where I work, found out that her little peanut was a girl and got to share the special moment of seeing little Harper for the first time. 
  • Trip to the Zoo with Brady, Kelli, Dan, Kendra, Trisha, Brendan, Bailey and Josh. 
  • Mike Graduated! Big party out at the farm with all of our friends and family. 
  • Fireworks in Memorial Park with Alex's family - a great tradition!
  • Trip to Moore, OK with Bailey and Josh to help with Tornado Relief - even though this was such a tragedy, the experience was like no other and it was amazing to see the people of Moore and their resilience. 
  • New Farm dog Addy! Sweet little golden retriever that was such a small playful puppy who instantly melted our hearts. 
  • Boating and Skiing in Okoboji in July - Boji is easily one of my favorite places on Earth
  • Horseback riding in the Black Hills 
  • Running in the Big10 10k in Chicago, IL with Alex and Tim. 
  • 1st wedding Anniversary date at Kona Grill 
  • Kendra passes the CPA exams and we celebrate with a party at her house!
  • Baby Harper is Born! Loved visiting her for the first time and can't wait to watch her as she grows!
  • Megan, Mom and I make a whole thanksgiving dinner for the first time - Nailed it!
  • Christmas in Marcus with the whole family after Megan and Kyle returned from Georgia. Kyle received NAIA player of the year and made a DVD for our family with football memories. We had fun playing "skittles" in the basement and enjoying a delicious dinner at Grandpa's on Christmas Day. 
Well that was more than just a few but it is hard to narrow down all those wonderful moments of the past year. Alex and I sure are blessed as I look over this list and I know 2014 will bring new changes that I have no doubt will make us stronger, more humble, patient and faithful.

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