Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tanzania here I come..again!!

Psalm 37:26-28 Turn from evil & do Good, then you will dwell in the land forever. For the Lord loves the just & will not forsake the faithful ones. 

The people of Tanzania are the faithful ones - that place their Hope in the Lord & keep His way. Their way of life & graciousness can be an example to many! Not with feelings of disparity, but by witnessing pure Grace.  I can't sum up in words or in conversation the "wholeness" I feel when I am in Africa because it is a feeling so much greater & more worthy than earthly words. It is in the presence of their smiles that I truly feel closest to Heaven! So thank-you! For every single person that has donated $1 or $500 to get me closer to that sweet land, grateful population and immense feeling of Christ's love in action. 

Seventy short days until I'm on my way with Hope Ministries to Tanzania, Africa. We recently found out our flight schedule. I leave on my 28th Birthday (May 19th) from Omaha > Minneapolis > Paris, France > Kenya > Kilimanjaro (arrive late on May 20th)

We had a team meeting at the end of January to discuss details of the trip that Hope ministries takes twice a year to Tanzania. I will be going with another nurse from Sioux City, a medical student and several nursing students from Northwestern College. Dr. Sarah Powell, an ENT physician out of the Dakota Dunes, will be joining us also!

I have been fundraising for this trip since I found out about it and knew that it was a possibility to go! I have set up an online donation account at which has been an easy way for people to donate. The site Tilt is different from sites like GoFundMe because the percentage that site takes is much less and that way more profit from online donations is made.

Over the holidays I made ornaments to sell and they were a big hit! I raised over $800 for my trip and people were so generous but also got a meaningful decoration for their Christmas tree!

My final fundraiser is a Zumba/Stella and Dot party. I will be hosting a trunk show and my mother-in-law is donating her commission from the event towards my trip. Plus friends and family will get to join in on a Zumba dance party with African themed music! It should be a fun afternoon :)

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