Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Start of Something Beautiful

Hey everyone! Seems pretty silly that I would address “everyone” when I am making this blog at 2:30 in the morning, not knowing who “everyone” is going to be and greeting people that don’t even know this blog exists. I have kept a personal blog for a few years now and have always thought it would be nice to share some ideas, recipes, workouts or devotions online with my close friends and family so here it goes! I don’t know how often I will post something and don’t know if this blog will even amount to much but I suppose this is what you do when you are almost 25 years old and don’t have to study for exams, write papers or chase kids around this house! So hopefully in the long run (the Very long run) this blog can be an update on the “fun happenings of the Williams family” but for right now it will be a simple show and tell for whomever cares about the same stuff I care about.

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