Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog site down...Schucks!

Hey everyone! I'm finally able to post something because the blog site is back up after being down for 2 days. I was really starting to get worried because it would be a shame if I had lost all of my posts and couldn't continue with this blog..but all is well! I haven't done much the past 2 days anyways because I have been at work and am currently on my last shift! (YIPPEEE) Work has been great and I have had some wonderful patients the past few nights! And I have once again really wished I knew spanish after having a cute spanish speaking man as a patient for the past 2 nights. I get by with a little "bueno" and "necessita" here and there but for the most part I am left with a confused look on my face. Learning spanish is definitely on my bucket list and I should probably learn it way before I hit the bucket so it comes in handy! But for now I will just hand off the important questions off to the interpreter.
Last Sunday was St. Patrick's day and we didnt' really celebrate much, just went out to eat with Joel and Jack for Joel's birthday. It was a great time..we went to Bonefish grill which has a mostly seafood menu but I ordered a delicious grilled chicken salad with mango and avacado. Then we went to Red Mango which is a frozen yogurt place. I had the peanut butter/cake batter swirl with added gummy bears and strawberries. After that we went back to our house and filled out brackets for March Madness. I finished mine first because there is no rhyem or reason to what teams I pick. Alex stratigically focuses on every match up and is convinced his bracket will win. I have won the past 2 years though ;)
Saturday and Monday I was blessed to work all day at the Pregnancy Center. Man I love that place! Like I have said time and time again the women there that I work with are great and truly have a heart for God and His work with these women. We had many positive pregnancy tests which is always a good sign. After work on Saturday I went to pick up some new running shoes to start off the spring season and broke them in on Tuesday by even running outside since it was 48 degrees in Omaha!
Hope everyone has a great week! I have a fun night on Saturday planned with some of my favorite friends so I will post about that next week! Until then I will end with some prayer points for the Center. Feel free to pray alongside me as big changes are on their way!
  1. Please pray for the right women (those who are abortion minded) to reach us at the right time (when they are pregnant) and for the Lord to move in a mighty way upon their lives. Pray that they will not abort their babies and that they will give their lives to Christ.
  2. Lift up the Board and the staff as we prepare to open up a branch office in West Omaha. We need the Lord’s wisdom on many details, including staffing, hours, procedures, etc. We are thankful that the Lord has given us the location (which we will reveal at the Banquet!) Now we just need to know the details!
  3. Pray for protection for staff members, volunteers and their families from attacks of the enemy. Pray for good health and protection. Please pray that the staff will always remain open to the leading of God’s Spirit in whatever direction He desires us to go. We long to hear His voice and to obey.

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