Friday, March 29, 2013

New Puppy & Girls Weekend in Omaha

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great week and had a great weekend! The weather sure wasn't great here in Omaha! We had more SNOW! Luckily the snow didn't come till Saturday so I was still able to make it to Sioux City to see the new puppy that Megan picked up for our farm!
Meet Addy...

Isn't she Cute!!!! Megan and Kyle picked her up from a breeder! She is so playful and such a little ball of energy but then falls asleep real fast when she gets all tuckered out! Even with one short night with her I was already in love with her! I wish I had more time with her before she gets big but she is at the farm now and will be a great family dog. Nothing will ever replace Copper! We have so many amazing memories of him from his warm welcomes when we got back from vacations to rolling in the snow with him. He was part of the family and even in his old age was such a loyal, loving dog. Addy will be a lot of fun to watch grow and to see how her personality develops! I will look forward to going on runs with her on the farm just like Copper and I used to.
Then on Saturday I worked at the pregnancy center then went to the mall to meet up with Kendra, Bailey, Kaela, Mallory and Meghan. Unfortunately my phone died right before I got to the mall so I was searching possible stories they would be in but still didn't find them. After getting smarter and realizing that I could just go to a Radio Shack and charge to my phone I finally met up with them. After shopping we went to a Mexican restaurant on 12oth and Blondo where there were many "rules". We found our waitress saying No to us A LOT! We couldn't split the check, couldn't order pitchers of margarittas and had to wait until our food was ordered to get our chips and salsa! But halfway through my margaritta Mallory and I were talking loud and having a good ol' time! The chips were fantastic and so was the tostadas I ordered. Then we went to Kendra's house to hang out for the night. We prepped our stuff for breakfast and I made an egg casserole. Kendra had all the good movie channels so we watched Bridesmaids, Friends with Benefits, the end of Jurassic Park and The Vow. I just love sappy love stories like The Vow! When we woke up we had a nice breakfast and watched some episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. It was a great weekend, even though Meghan had to leave early due to the snow :(
Today (well technically yesterday) I made the silly mistake of swithcing my schedule at the hospital but not getting someone to cover my shift at the Pregnancy center. Which meant that I had to work from 9 am -4 pm and then from 7pm-7am! NOT GOOD! It is now 2:00 in the morning, my eyes are burning and my Grande latte didn't really do much. Even though I had a wonderful nap from 4-6, my brain still knows I have been up for a long time and didn't get much sleep before my shift. Before we have kids I will definitely be on the day shift! I will need some energy to chase those kids around and night shift has left me pretty drained. I still don't think I'm pushing myself by having 2 jobs but this time the schedule just didn't work out too well. I am sooo looking forward to my bed and snuggling with Kobe when I get home!

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