Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughts stemed from Work

I got an email from work the other day that really made me think. Along with an email stating that we should go into a time of prayer and fast for our center and for the upcoming new center in West Omaha, which made me really think of how maybe I should write down my prayers like Aberdeen (sp?) in The Help. I really need to pray for these women and maybe I should just write some prayers right now.
I pray for these women to find strength and to find a hope in their future during the darkest, gloomiest times. I pray that they find the words to tell their family and their significant others the importance of their child's life. I pray that through this experience they come closer to God and to know their path for Him in their lives, to know that He IS their life. I thank god and give him all the Praise that by some twist of fate a young lady came to our center thinking she could get an abortion there. Little did she know that it was not an option and we were able to tell her the gospel and possibly save her child's life. I pray for those women whose children may be born in poverty, in single parent homes, or in homes with little love in general. I pray that the cycle is broken with the help of God so that they can have a bright future and happy childhood that they so much deserve. I pray for healthy pregnancies and healthy life choices for the women that come to our center. That they may hear our words and understand our teachings about harmful substances that are bad for their baby. And I thank god for this wonderful opportunity to help these women. I honestly feel a peace in my heart and that I am in exactly the right spot! Thank you Lord and all the Glory be to you!!!

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