Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend in Marcus

Last weekend Alex and I decided to go to Marcus and see my family because we hadn't seen them in awhile, Megan was home on spring break and my parents had just gotten back from Mexico. So we split up the drive by going to Sioux City first and meeting for dinner. One of our family favorites is Outback so we put in our name and were prepared to wait 45 minutes or so because it was packed! About an hour later and having our buzzer go off once which was a false alarm we were finally seated (right next to a couple with a crying baby..haha!) I was craving the cheesy fries and Alex and my dad shared some grilled shrimp for an appetizer. I got a strawberry margarita which was pretty good :) My sister had to wait a long time just to get her soup and salad and Alex's pork wasn't cooked as much as he would have liked it so that was a bummer. But we had great conversation and laughed a bunch. I made the comment that my mom never cries and that she didn't even cry during our wedding but my dad corrected me by saying "Oh that isn't true, She cried during the movie Ted when he got ripped apart!" HAHA! Oh boy! After dinner we drove home and watched a little SNL before going to bed. Sunday morning we went to church and it was nice to hear the new pastor's sermon. He gave a really great sermon about Jesus in Nazareth. In the sermon he talked about we are quick to judge people and we don't like hearing criticism. He also explained how the word "widow" was used to describe a women whose husband died because the husband or the wife was a bad person. Widow is used a lot in the bible and I never knew the meaning behind it.
After Church we ordered food from the Junction and I watched the NDA championships that were on ESPN. It was really fun to watch dance routines again! I finished off the sunday afternoon by taking a long nap! Then my parents, Alex and I went to a movie in Sioux city. We saw Snitch with Dwayne Johnson who plays a dad whose son is charged with selling drugs. It was a pretty good movie and it was neat because "Shane" from The Walking Dead was in it too and Alex and I love that show.
It was a great but short weekend! I miss home so much sometimes and I hadn't been there since New Years day! I can't wait to go back again..whenever that is and hopefully stay longer!

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