Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Curing #NOtivation { Link Up }

90 degrees/Humid in Omaha..Still like my HOT Caribou Coffee
Well I can't sleep anymore for some reason so I figured I might as well brew some coffee and blog a little. Since today is Tuesday it is time for another Curing #NOtivation Link Up with Mal Smiles. She has really become one of my favorite bloggers and her workout posts always inspire me! She is on to a new adventure in Colorado and I'm excited to follow her as she begins that journey with her husband (in the least creepy way possible) Last week I talked about the BIG10K that Alex and I did in Chicago which was a blast! I am now working on beating my personal best 3.1 mile time for the Marcus Fair 5K this Saturday and hoping all the training for my 10Ks helped be to accomplish this goal!

I think you know you are addicted to running when you feel really disappointed when you have to choose sleep over running. That is the decision I had to make the last 4 days because of my work schedule. I was able to get in a run before my first shift but then from Saturday-Monday I had to choose sleep. As a night shifter you never know how your sleep will go during the day and when you randomly wake up at 2 pm and find yourself suffering from insomnia you know that a workout is out of the question because when you finally get back to sleep you know you really need every hour you can get. But enough about me whining about my work because we all have our busy weeks...I'm blessed to have a great job and I love my early evening workout sessions before work when I am able to get them in :)

I am not a personal trainer, dietitian or even a huge fitness fanatic but I do like creating workout circuits for myself and jotting down what I did. With training for 5Ks and 10ks I haven't focused a lot on strength training but last Tuesday I concentrated on my abs. I have some pretty decent motivation with a Labor Day trip to Boji coming up and of course our trip to the Dominican in January. I did this workout on our balcony with a beach towel and two 3 pound weights. I would have liked to had a 5 pound plate but you gotta work with what you have at home :) 

Do Circuit 3 times through

Here is a descriptive breakdown of each workout...

Oblique Reach //  Stand with feet shoulder width apart and both weights in right hand, slide weights down your right leg as you work your obliques! Then repeat on the left side.
Russian Twists // lay on towel in V position while holding weights in center of body. Twists side to side as your legs are raised (keep stomach tight and don't hurt your lower back!)
Straight Leg Crunches // Just like they sound, then stack right leg and repeat while stacking left leg. 
Crunch 'Ups' // didn't know what to call this one and it is a little hard to explain but lie on back holding weights at chest, then crunch up and rise all the way up as you raise weights above your head. Your feet should stay on the ground as your knees are bent. Reverse the motion and that is one total.
Weighted Plank // I did this exercise at a boot camp class and it helps if you have a partner. I didn't have anyone home (except Kobe but he wasn't willing to lend me a paw) so I had to balance the weights on my back as I moved my arm down to complete the plank position. You can do the move on your hands or elbows. 
Ab Kick with Punch // Stand in a high lunge position holding weight in right hand with left leg back. Swing left leg up to 90 degrees at you punch out your right hand with weights. Think of keeping abs tights as you bring your leg up! Then repeat on the other side.

I did the workout 3 times through and felt it in my abs the next day! Hope you enjoy it :) 

Mal Smiles


  1. workout circuits are the best and I LOVE that we can do them in the comfort of our own home! Thanks for sharing these, I am totallly going to try some!

    p.s. I am SUPER excited to have you on my side bar this month, and i am LOVING your etsy shop:):) xo

    1. Thanks Hallie! I'm so glad you like the shop and I'm excited to have a link on your blog.


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