Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday

Excited for the weekend?! How about ECSTATIC? Because that is what I'm feeling right now! One night shift separates me from a fun filled weekend with my Whole Family at the Lakes in Okoboji. We haven't been all together with Alex included since Michael's graduation way back at the beginning of the summer so this is going to be such a blessing to have 3 days together! 

1 // Thursday Morning after work I prepped some Greek Chicken Gyros in the Crockpot and by the afternoon when the house smelled delicious and Alex was begging to have some to take to work. We were fighting over it and I had to make sure there was some left over for me to have for supper. Note to self...Make about 3 pounds at a time ;)
2 // Mike had is first week of classes at ISU and he is getting used to being in class sizes that are in the 300's rather than 20 student classes at MMC! I was lucky enough to get to chat to him on the phone and loved it because he always knows how to make me laugh. I told him to keep a look out for a girl that was on MTV's Catfish because she just started at ISU and I thought they could be friends ..haha! 
3 // Where's Kobe? He cracks me up and has become an expert fly killer and daytime "snuggler" while I'm sleeping 
4 // My bestie Kendra posted this picture and I asked her permission if I could share it because it gave me goosebumps right away. The caption read "The car I followed home from work..License plate, CJD DAD..Someone's initials? Someone who's dad was affected by CJD? A sign..? Pretty Crazy!" 
God sends us signs every day and if Kendra was too busy with the hustle and bustle of this world she may have missed this very special sign from The Lord. We are so blessed to have these little miracles from above that help us know the Lord is looking out for us and that everyday He is working to heal our heart :) 
For full details about her Dad's struggle with CJD you can read her blog and if you would like to know more about CJD visit this website 
5 // Finally after 1 week I was able to run. With this stubborn sinus infection and busy work schedule I had been lacking in the workout department so I was blessed to finally get some fresh air and listen to some great Pandora radio. I started to wonder if Pandora knew I was sick because these were the songs that came up...
I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for this {High Five for Friday} 
Hope you all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! 


  1. I live in between Sioux City and nice to finally find a blogger who lives near me!! :)

    1. Hi Hannah, glad you found me too! It's nice to have bloggers to follow in the Midwest :)

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