Friday, August 23, 2013

Worship Wednesday

Happy [late] Wednesday everyone! I have a lot to be thankful for this week, and most importantly is my wonderful Aunt Julie who is letting Alex and I stay at her house tonight because our AC isn't working. Today in Omaha it was well over 90 but felt like Aruba temps! Not a good time for the AC to stop working. It has been acting up lately and we hadn't made it a priority because eventually the temperature would drop and we could just handle having our windows open with the nice breeze. But today we wanted to take refuge in a place that was cool because it became pretty uncomfortable. I worked last night and couldn't sleep past 2:30 pm today because laying in 80 degree weather even with the ceiling fan on was just not cutting it.
So tonight I am very glad that my aunt lives in Omaha and has plenty of room for us! I even brought Kobe over for a play date with the other cats. They are chasing each other around currently and judging by their hissing and growling they are hitting it off well ;) 

Can you tell which one is Kobe?
Not having AC is such a first world problem. I shouldn't grumble about it because everyday there are people in this world that are living in extreme heat and have to go about their daily lives without the convenience of a cooled house. Alex did make a joke when he got home today though that made us both laugh,"Tonight let's sleep like Kings and be in the AC!"

This week's song comes from one of my favorites right now on KLove called "One Drop" by Plumb. This song is really lighthearted and catchy! It is so fun to listen to in my car and I find myself singing along with a smile! 

Left alone, we will never be who we could be
So take my hand and, don't forget that
We can do anything together

Just one drop of your love
A single ray of sun
Just one thing to change the world
It's just you and me
Starting with a dream
And giving it all we've got
Only takes one drop
So if you are thankful for AC like me.. After watching that video you are probably also thankful for clean running water too! There are so many astonishing things that you see when you are in a third world country but I felt like one of the most surprising is the lack of clean water and the availability of water. 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and remember it only takes one drop to make a change in the world! 

Blue Moon on my night time run!


  1. That's a beautiful song!! hope your a.c. gets fixed soon! adorable kitties :)

  2. LOVE plumb!! I hope your AC gets fixed soon! :)


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