Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Year Wedding Anniversary

Where did that year go? Seems like not too long ago I was running around Omaha gathering up supplies for our wedding or calling/texting my sister and mom several times a day to finalize all the details. It was a fun, hectic and amazing time that I sometimes wish I could go back to but then I think of the love that has grown between Alex and I in just one year! I can't wait to see what the next five, ten, and fifty years brings!
We celebrated by relaxing together on the weekend which is something that we actually rarely do with our work schedules or traveling different places to see family or friends. 
After my 5K race  I came home to make homemade "Sweet Swine" pizza and watch the Packers game with Alex.

 Unfortunately the Packers lost but that wasn't spoiling our Anniversary day ;) Alex's mom stopped by to drop off a lovely house plant and a thoughtful card. 

Alex's "I don't know what to do with it" face
Even though the pizza was really simple to make, I was ready to have someone else make us dinner so we headed out west to one of Alex's favorite restaurants Kona Grill. 

Of course I wanted any excuse to wear a dress so Alex was forced to put on some dress clothes too. After ordering their delicious edamame and crab crunch rolls it was time for the main course! The waiter talked Alex into getting the pork loin and I had the house favorite macadamia nut chicken. 

"Lets take a picture in front of the fish!"
Both were delicious and left us very full but not too full to forget about dessert! We took some banana cream pie home for later and I reluctantly "shared" dessert with Alex. We are both bad at keeping surprises so we had exchanged gifts the day before and actually got each other THE SAME THING! So I guess with only one year into marriage we know each other pretty well ;) I checked my email Saturday night (not thinking there would be a gift waiting for me among all the junk mail) and I was excited to see a one hour massage! 


  1. Happy anniversary!!! And you guys bought each other the same gift? My husband and I did that for Christmas last year.


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