Saturday, September 28, 2013

She is Clothed in Strength & Dignity

I am loving the current She Reads Truth Devotional centered around God's Promises. It is a simple message but also really makes you think about just how blessed you are to receive God's Grace! Today's scripture was Isaiah 30:18.

I try to find my own strength and sometimes lean on the strength of my friends and family for help but I know that strength has limits! God's Strength is LIMITLESS! I can try to do it on my own but I will always fail because I find myself being broken down and discouraged but when I look to God for His Power then I know I'm in Mighty Hands :)

Reminds me of the strength that the women I see at Assure need so much! They are scared and lost which is exactly how every woman has felt at some point in her life. God heals and offers hope to those woman that seek Him. I had my first shift at the new West Office and feel blessed to be part of this it isn't bad working in such a beautiful environment! Check it out...


  1. I just started reading the she reads truth plan. Excited about it!

  2. ps: I'd love to have you do a guest post sometime! let me know :)


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