Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Thunderstorms?!?!?!

Hey everyone! Here I am bored at work again and I thought I would post a little something. It has been a long stretch of work days with working 3 in a row last week, the short weekend off and another 3 in a row from Monday till Wednesday but I'm almost done and then I will have a big chunk of time off. I have been trying to focus on eating right and exercising. I'm trying to get in at least 3o minutes a day because I hear that consistensy is better than longer workouts here and there. Yesterday I slept really well because of all the rain and tonight the thunder has been interesting to listen to especially on the 9th floor! Plus with our big windows in the patient rooms the whole room lights up with every spark of lightening. I love spring storms and I just hope my car isn't dented by any hail! Last weekend Alex's cousin Ethan came to Omaha to participate in a basketball tournament with Alex. They had a fun time and on Saturday Debbie and her boyfriend came over and we ended up just watching a movie. It's always nice to have house guests and I know Alex enjoyed time with Ethan.
Tonight since I only had 3 patients I started looking at comforters for our bed and I was showing Alex some of my favorites I realized how different our tastes were. He did not like one of my 10 choices so we will probably end up choosing a solid comforter. Alex's mom is going to help me tape and paint the bedrooms this weekend so that will be a lot of fun :) I am excited to finally have something different than ivory walls! But the paint color will probably be the same story as the comforter because again Alex and I don't agree on much when it comes to decor. I wanted a navy or a mocha brown but Alex shot both of those down. I would also love to do a design or something but that will also take A LOT of convincing.

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