Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ready for Vacation time

Just a positive, hopeful saying to start off the week :) I'm so amazed I have a love that found me! Alex is a wonderful husband and we are enjoying our first year of marriage! The only I would change would just be more time together. We actually rarely see each other with our busy schedules so sometimes it feels like we are roommates passing each other by (sometimes literally passing each other on the road near our house, while he is on his way to work and I'm on my way home) But these are just our schedules right now so we look forward to extended days together and upcoming vacations like our trip to the Black Hills with my family in July and our trip to the Dominican Republic in January for Kyle and Dacey's wedding that is WAAAYY too far away!

256 (ish) Days!!!

Hope you have a great week and remember to stay Positive!!!

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