Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bring on Spring..For Real!

I haven't been running outside lately because it has been so chilly! Who would have thought that during the middle of spring we would have SNOW! yuck! But I have gone to the gym to take zumba classes and also done a video at home that I really like! It is an HIIT video and I marked down how many reps I did each interval and will see if I can beat my reps next time around. I thought I would recap the week since I got called off tonight which worked out great since we got the paint for our bedrooms. Tonight we have already painted a bunch and just need to put one more coat on the accent walls. The blue is very bright. More bright than expected but I think we will get used to it. Alex said "What are we painting a nursery?!?!" Which we probably could use the extra paint in a few years for a nursery because the color is so bright and youthful. It is really modern looking against the tan walls and it is a much needed update from the boring beige walls. Jack came over to help us and move furniture. Alex and him went for a McDonald's run while I slaved away painting ;)
My big story to share happened at the pregnancy center on Tuesday night. It was the last appointment of the night and was supposed to be pretty quick because we weren't going to do an ultrasound because she was only 4 weeks along (we do an ultrasound at 5 weeks 1 day). But during my time with her I realized that her last period may not have been a true period which would push her back to the previous month and making her possibly 8 weeks along. She really wanted an ultrasounds in order to find out how far along she was because if she was less than 8 weeks she was going to have an abortion by taking a few pills, but if she was over 8 weeks they would have to do a procedure and she did not want that at all. It is odd how two different effects that cause the same outcome can be rationalized so differently in the mind of a troubled woman. But I have never been in that situation so I can not judge and everyone's perception of that incident is different. So we went ahead and set her up for the ultrasound as I prayed and prayed that she was farther along than 8 weeks. The ultrasounds was taking longer than expected and I was waiting to hear the sound of the heartbeat because sometimes that is enough to sway a woman's decision. When the sonographer finally was finished I was notified that she was only 4 weeks along....however instead of seeing the typical solo yolk sac there were TWO!! The woman's exact words were "this changes everything". Abortion was no longer an option and although the woman was in tears and very shook up, there was hope for those two little babies! The advocate helped the woman by getting down on her knees and praying for the woman and the big changes that were coming her way. I have been praying for this woman and her boyfriend, that they continue with their choice to carry these twins to term! Please pray for them too! It is a remarkable story that was truly at the hands of God! With goosebumps and tears in my eyes I felt that I was surely being the hands and feet of God and that his work was being fulfilled through me!
It was the best night so far at the pregnancy center and in just my short time working there I have so many wonderful stories! I know I have said it many times, but It is a wonderful place to work and I'm blessed to have landed a job there! It is a job that I look forward to going to and is so amazing for the community of North Omaha.
Thursday night after I woke up Alex, Jack and I went to Lot 2 in Benson. It is a little restaurant and bar that is open pretty late each night. They have "boards" that are large scale meat and cheese platters. It has a great atmosphere and luckily we all ordered the cheeseburger because it was Delicious!!! The meat is ground there in house and they put American swiss on it which just makes it so good! Alex said that the burger was so good that it was like a desert...a meat desert! I can't wait to take my dad there because I know he would love it. After dinner, Alex went home to bed since he had to work the next morning (like normal people) and Jack and I went to a midnight movie. "A place beyond the pines" just came out with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. I was pretty good and had a lot going on in it.
Last night Alex and I went to the Funnybone Comedy Club with Josh and Bailey because they invited us. Bailey got tickets and we met there to eat and have a good laugh. It was good to do something out of the ordinary and we all had a great time. I laughed non-stop! There were 2 opener comedians and the headliner was Bert Kreischer. I had never heard of him but he has been on Comedy Central. He opened the night by dancing and lip sinking shirtless to Keisha's song "Die Young". Here is a link to his stand-up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpespZ7UmBg

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