Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 Reasons why we Love Wall Drug!

Our last stop on our family vacation was to Wall Drug in Wall, SD. If you haven't heard of this famous stopping point them I am very surprised! The Black Hills/Badlands and Wall Drug go hand in hand and I'm so glad my dad and I decided to stop there! The rest of my family was ahead of us and we were supposed to meet at Wall Drug for lunch but they went past the exit so it was just Dad and I that experienced this wonderful tourist site. So here are five reasons my dad and I came up with that make Wall Drug so great!
Dad enjoying lunch at Wall Drug after a long motorcycle ride.
1 // It all started with a prayer. Ted & Dorothy bought a little drug store in a town that was sworn to be "Godforsaken" by their relatives. Times were tough and in December of 1931 it didn't seem like business would pick up but with Dorothy's idea of advertising "Free Water" business soon began rolling in. Their determination came from lots and lots of prayers and they vowed to believe no town was ever "Godforsaken" - there was always Hope!
2 // Free Coffee & Donuts for Veterans Any company that values our veterans is a great one! Not far from the Historic Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug takes pride in the Land of the Free and the people that have sacrificed their lives for America. I strongly believe in any type of perks for our soldiers. Even though free coffee and donuts might not sound like much..I'm sure it is greatly appreciated by anyone who has served our country.
3 // Workers from all over the world. Have you ever been to a National Park or an Amusement Park that has college age students from all over the world working for a summer there. I love those types of places filled with different dialects and friendly faces! I like to look at the name tags that have their home country listed and see how far they have come for just one summer internship. We had servers from Thailand and the Czech Republic when we went there!
4 // Free Ice Cold Water & 5 cent Coffee. What a steal! Now I know what you are thinking, "Water should always be free and I'm sure that 5 cent coffee tasted horrible" But some places make you pay for a cup of water and don't get me started on bottled water. And the coffee was delicious! (and I know my coffee!)
Free H2O, cheap Coffee and World Famous Doughnuts! (oh and Beer for dad)
5 // Genius Advertising. Their first sign was for free ice cold water which got Wall Drug on the map. But their simple yet steady advertising as you drive along the interstate is pretty smart. I like to think of it in comparison to an info-commercial because the advertisement doesn't say a lot of fancy stuff, it just repeats it over and over again and by the end of the commercial you're thinking...I should probably check that out just for curiosities sake! Wall Drug even has signs in Japan and Africa stating how many miles to the Famous Wall Drug Store! All those signs cost the company an estimated $400,000 on billboards every year. Not to mention the bumper stickers found on thousands of cars in America!



So if you are in the Wall Drug area be sure to stop by because you won't be disappointed!


  1. I love reading about your SD trip. So many of your experiences are ones we did when our family vacationed there.
    Wall Drug was awesome! I'd forgotten about all the neat little things that drug store does for its customers. What a cool place.

    1. Thanks for reading about it! I was so glad we stopped at Wall Drug and I could really use one of their world famous donuts right now!


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