Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Posting to stay awake..

Hi everyone and Happy Hump day! If you have seen the commercial with the camel going around the office on Hump Day I'm sure it has made you smile! I always think of it on Wednesday now :) I'm finishing up my first of three shifts and trying to stay awake for the remainder. My bed is calling my name and even though the shift has gone by fast, it now seems to be dragging. I had some interesting patients tonight and wanted to write about a few new diagnoses that I had never heard about before. This may seem boring for you non-health care workers but I found it to be pretty informative.
Concrete Burns // This patient had significant burns from concrete years ago and he is still having difficulties with them. He had to have a skin graft which is pretty common treatment for extensive burns. When concrete is dry the compound in it is harmless, however when it is dry the Calcium Hydroxide is very alkaline and creates a burn on the acidic skin. Burns can come from concrete, grout, stucco, plaster or mortar. This is why people who work with cement need to wear long sleeve shirts, gloves and pants at all times. I was going to put pictures of the burns on here but I will let you Google image it if you are really curious because it is not a pretty sight.
Smouldering Myeloma // Another patient of mine had a history of this specific type of myeloma which is in essence dormant but can cause 4 specific things - elevated calcium level, renal failure, anaemia, and bone lesions. This type of myeloma is a type of inactive multiple myeloma which people are more familiar with. There can still be many complications with smouldering myeloma and follow-up with a doctor is recommended every 3-6 months. People with smouldering myeloma have a higher risk of developing multiple myeloma anywhere from months to years of a diagnosis of smouldering myeloma.
So yes that I what I do when I am bored at work and trying to stay awake. I sometimes like to compare my patients' symptoms to research articles. I know..I'm a nerd! I will have more interesting things for you later this week like a recap of our wonderful vacation in Boji :)


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  1. I'm glad you didn't put any images on here because I'm eating my lunch right now. And no, I won't be Google Imaging it!


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