Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Topics - Favorite Quotes { Link Up }

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! I love Tuesdays because it is of course Tuesday Topics with Lauren @ LiveLoveLauren. This week's topic is 3 favorite quotes which is such a small number because there is so many amazing quotes that really tug at my heart. So I have narrowed it down and if you ask me tomorrow, I would probably have 3 different favorite quotes..But here ya go!
(Oh and Thanks to Pinterest for displaying my fav quotes on beautiful backgrounds)
Love this.

1 // You find out what is really important in this world when you see others that have less than you! My integrity to help others has sky-rocketed in the last few years because of the work I do at the hospital, pregnancy center, Moore OK and my time in Tanzania, Africa. You find out your true morals and values when lending a hand to others. You make the choice when you want to help and how far you will go to help! 
2// This verse explains the promise Our Lord has for us no matter what our circumstances on this earth are! He will care for you, He will fight for you and He will provide. The struggles of this world are just of this world and our True Treasure is in Heaven!!!

Proverbs 31:25
3 // This verse has so much in just 14 words! It embraces Feminism, Optimism, Strength, Faith, and Perseverance. When I see this verse I am reminded to hold my head tall because I am a Daughter of a King and my worries of the future can be lost in the Grace of God he has provided me with!

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