Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Curing #NOtivation { Link Up } and Paleo Update

Hi Again everyone! There is just too many good link ups today! I'm linking up with Mal @ Mal Smiles to help cure NOtivation! Her blog is a fitness one I love to follow and she got this idea for a fitness survey from another one of my favorite blogs PB Fingers. I follow both of these ladies on Instagram and they help me stay motivated to be my best healthy self! Before I get to the survey, I wanted to update you guys on how the paleo/Whole30 trial is going. I actually really like it. I love that I can eat fruit and haven't really missed bread or pasta too much. However vacation with my family was hard. Thankfully we like our steak :) and when we went out to eat I was always able to stay on track by having a grilled chicken salad or hamburger with no bun. The hard part was desert! I don't know what it is but when I'm around my mom (that might be a lame excuse for indulging) I want chocolate, pie or anything sweet and yummy! Whether it was s'mores, apple pie on the 4th of July, or DQ ice cream...I was having desert every day! Whoops! But hey I was on vacation right?!?! But I am back to being strict about no processed foods and sticking with meat, veggies & fruit! 

#NOtivation Fabulous Fitness Survey

1. What did you eat for breakfast?
I had some lightly salted almonds and a banana
2. How much water do you drink a day? 
I try to drink 1.5 liters or so. I never really keep track but I try to have a glass of water every hour.
3. What is your current favorite workout?
Well right now I am training for a 5K and 10K coming up so running has been my go to. But I love Zumba and also enjoy Turbo Kick classes
Mud Run!
4. How many calories do you eat a day?
Every since I started the Paleo thing I haven't really kept track. But I would say usually it is around 1500 calories.
5. What are your favorite healthy snacks?
I like apples with peanut butter or baby carrots
6. What do you usually eat for lunch?
Usually a salad or chicken breast
7. What is your favorite body part to strength train?
Probably my legs with squats or lunges
8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?
Probably my abs because it is so hard to see results
9. What are your “bad” food cravings?
Ice cream, brownies, name it
10. Do you take vitamins or supplements?
Yes, I take a prenatal vitamin every day
11. How often do you eat out?
Probably once a week. On vacation it was every day but we can't keep up that lifestyle. I love eating out because preparing meals takes so much time and it is hard with just 2 people in the house.
12. Do you eat fast food?
When I'm at work I eat Subway a lot and occasionally I will go through McDonalds or Starbucks. Usually I go to McDonalds for breakfast after work but that is probably a couple times a month.
13. Who is your biggest supporter?
I would say Alex and my sister are my biggest supporters. Alex is a great motivator and I love talking with my sister about our workout goals.
14. Do you have a gym membership?
Yes ;) here you will see why my gym membership is so important! I am a member at 24 hour fitness. I bought 2 years in advance so it was cheaper and even though in the summer I don't go as often I try to get there for the zumba and turbo kick classes. I have a community of ladies there that take classes every week and I like going to see familiar people :)
Outside of the Gym where we met!
15. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Haha! This is such an odd question for me because I work the night shift! When I sleep when it is actually night time out I usually get 8 hours. But sometimes during the day I will be lucky if I get 6 hours. However when I am trying to switch back and forth between nights or days, I end up sleeping sometimes for 10-12 hours at a time. I know it is shocking and seems lazy of me but I am what I like to tell Alex, a Professional Sleeper!! I know the importance of getting some extra hours of sleep rather than working out and my body can tell me when I need to choose the pillow over the sneakers!
16. Do you have a “cheat” day?
Yeah sometimes. Or I will have "cheat" items like another slice of pizza or a few cookies. Usually my "cheat" days are centered around big events like weddings or graduation parties.
17. Do you drink alcohol?
Kendra's Bachelorette party!

.... but vary rarely. It has become less and less each year. I have a great husband that doesn't drink hardly at all either so we don't have to have adult beverages to have a good time.
18. Do you have a workout buddy?
I try to have Alex as a workout buddy but he doesn't like to run because it makes him "too skinny" (must be rough!) My favorite workout buddy is in Rochester, MN right now..My SEESTER!
19. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy
I would have to say that I feel better, I don't eat a lot of crap so my body doesn't feel the effects of that food. And the weightloss or at least maintaining my weight is a plus too! And I have energy to do the things I enjoy like hiking or running.
20. What was the last healthy thing you did?
I ran 5 miles around Lake Zorinsky in Omaha. It was a great change of scenery from my usual run around my neighborhood and it was exciting not knowing what was around the next turn!


  1. You go, girl!!
    (loved the little shout out to my bach party too! Woot!

    1. haha! What a great night that was! We danced the night away too so that was also a great workout ;)

  2. AnonymousJuly 10, 2013

    I used to love Turbo Kick, I should really get into that again! Such a good workout!

  3. megan deichmannJuly 10, 2013

    You are an inspiration to me. How do you not miss pasta & bread?! haha. I love that I'm your favorite workout buddy, sis! MISS YOU!

    1. You always will be my favorite workout buddy. You challenge me and we always have a great time! Can't wait till the Marcus Fair when our running shoes can be reunited! And I may have the occasional slice of whole grain bread from time to time but I stay away from pasta for now :) Miss you tons!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by She Inspires! Love you BLOG!xoxo


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