Friday, May 3, 2013

Etsy Shop Now Open!

Hey everyone! hope your week is going as swell as mine :) I have worked one day this week, got called off last night and don't work until Friday. So with that spare time I finished putting the third (yes third!!) coat on our accent wall in the guest bedroom and decided to go ahead with opening my very own shop on Etsy. For those of you that don't know what Etsy is I will explain.. it is an online website that people can set up "stores" and sell their homemade crafts, furniture, jewelry and art. It is a great place to display your work and is very reasonable in price to post your items. I pay like 20 cents an item to have it posted for 5 months! Of course once you sell an item 3.5% goes back to the website. I am excited to see how well it does and you can always pay a little extra a week to have your shop and items come up first on searches. I have had a few items "favorited" and had close to 40 views of my shop which I think is pretty good for just opening last night. I am working on getting more items to sell to bulk up my inventory and am always willing to have friends buy an item online at a discounted price so I have some visible traffic through my site. Alex gave me a little business 1o1 lecture making sure I take into consideration how much each item costs and include labor costs (He is so thoughtful!)
Here is the link to my shop --> So PLEASE check it out :)
Tonight I went out with Kendra to Olive Garden and we stuffed our faces and had some great conversation! I hadn't seen her for a very long time since she was studying for her last CPA exam but now that that is over she can be social again! We did the eat one/take one deal for $12.95 which was a no brainer! I got soup and 2 entrees for that price and I am glad to have some lunch ready for me tomorrow! Kendra and I talked about Bailey's baby shower that we are throwing with Trisha for most of the time. We are very very excited to celebrate little Harper's entry into this world!
And I think you guys can blame the weather on Alex because he bought a lawn mower today!! He totally jinxed us! Hmmm only in the midwest could you be mowing the yard one day and shoveling the next! I thought the snow was going to miss us but we were not that lucky. We have a good 2 inches on the ground and I'm hoping Alex gets a late start or no school tomorrow! So happy May Day - I want Global Warming back!! As a farm girl I also think about harvest and everything so planting will have to be a little rushed I assume this year.
The other day Alex picked up the book "The Story" which is a summery of the Bible condensed into 31 chapters. Alex heard about it from his friend at work that also goes to King of Kings and they are starting a study plan going chapter by chapter each week. I don't know how often Alex and I will be able to make it to church with our work schedules but I'm super excited he picked up the book (without me even asking him to! haha) I already found a little study guide online that we can follow and we are hoping to read like 2 chapters a week. Hopefully this will also help with some much needed quality time with our busy schedules!

Have a great week everyone! stop by my shop and stay warm!! I know I will be praying for Sunshine :)

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