Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great time celebrating the day of my birth ;) just kidding! I just thought I would post a little something about the events of this weekend. Saturday Alex and I loaded up mom's pot stand gift and headed to Marcus! We got home about an hour before Mike's party started and Julie, Kim, Jean were already there getting all the food ready. I put together the pot stand in the garden and showed it to mom. She loved it! I wish I would have got a picture of her with it. Everyone thought it was pretty cool and was definitely a great addition to the house. We had lots of family show up to celebrate Mikey. Rachel, Bill, Liam and Jack came from Chicago and Randy Rupp came from Denver! He surprised my dad and we were really glad to have him there. They of course did their traditional zambuka shots where they dip their fingers in the alcohol, light their fingers on fire, take the shot and blow out the fire. Fortunately there was a lot of wind and the fire would blow out very fast.
So after all the family left and there was only a few people left at the party I took a dip in the hot tub to ring in my birthday :) Everyone sang a very off key version of "happy birthday" to me at midnight which was pretty nice!
Little Mikey, His cute shoes and the Chocolates Aunt Lynn made with Mike's picture on it

Hannah and Kyla feeding the Bucket Calves - I teased the girls and said that they had to try the milk before they could feed the calves...they didn't fell for it ;)

Sunday Alex and I slept in and then had a quick breakfast before getting ready for the ceremony. We got to the high school early and mom had saved us seats in the front. The ceremony was great and here are a few facts about the class of 2013 from MMC.
* They received over $430,000 in scholarships
* They were the first class to graduate as 8 man footba ll champs from MMC ( Marcus has never won first in any sport..ever)
* They lost 2 very special classmates and referenced themselves as "a Family, not just a class". Amber Brownmiller died in a car accident when Michael was in elementary school and Sawyer Leavitt died in a car accident his Junior year.
* Sawyer Leavitt's family donated $325 to every senior in his class.
* Michael received a Faith & Farming Scholarship
* The ceremony was held on a rainy day but that didn't stop the gym from being packed to celebrate this great class!

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