Monday, May 6, 2013

First Weekend in May: Insomnia & Sleepovers

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend and a wonderful start to your Sunday! We are having a great but busy weekend and it is going splendid minus my case of insomnia which is normal for me I suppose. I can not wait to be on the day shift (which who knows when that will happen!) I will explain why we are having such a busy weekend. Fidel, the boy Alex takes care of at school, is staying here this weekend with us because his mom is having a baby! She had a little baby boy named Victor Alexander yesterday and Alex offered to take care of Fidel this weekend. We are glad to have him here because he is such a great kid and always makes us smile. We are finding out what it is like to have a child..haha! If you remember from an earlier post, Fidel has Muscular Dystrophy so he has very little control of his movements and can only really move his head, hands and toes. He has to stay in our basement because his wheelchair can't be carried upstairs so Alex and I have been switching off being downstairs with him. Friday night he went to Iron Man 3 with Alex and Cody and then played video games. He is enjoying staying up late ;) And then yesterday when I got home from work I fed him breakfast and slept downstairs so that if he needed anything he could just wake me up. Alex was back on duty after he got of work and helped Fidel eat supper. Then last night Eric, Joel and Zach came over to watch basketball and play videogames with him and they also helped Alex move him because it is a two man job.
Fidel is a great kid and he is always saying something funny! The little things we take for granted like just being able to itch our nose or move our arm to reach something, he isn't able to do which is a big reality check. I take care of patients in the hospital that have MD or are paralyzed but in the hospital there are luxuries like automatic beds, lifts and lots of manpower available when moving patients. But in the real world everyday can be a struggle and you have to get pretty creative. Fidel counts on us and it is crazy (and kind of scary) knowing we are responsible for him this weekend. However I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the job but Alex! He is so great with him and Alex knows that there wouldn't be anyone else to take care of Fidel while his mom is in the hospital. Alex did not even hesitate when he knew Fidel would need a place to stay this weekend and that is one of the reasons I love him so much!! Alex has patience and strength that is beyond measure and I'm so thankful I get to see how he interacts with Fidel because it is truly something beautiful!

I have 5 days off of work so I'm sure I will add some items to my shop and finally get some exercising in! I can't wait to take a zumba and kick boxing class or go for a run if it gets nicer outside. Really wish this weather would start acting like the month of May instead of the month of February. Today I'm hopefully going to Sioux City with Kendra to Josh & Jamie's graduation parties and would love to stop by my sister's house :) But I will post all about that later I'm sure!
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