Friday, May 24, 2013

Last minute road trip to... Moore, OK

Hi everyone! hope your week is going great!
I know the tornado victims and damage has always been in the back of my mind this week. Surprisingly I learned that Josh and Bailey are going down to Oklahoma to help volunteer and bring supplies and I figured well that seems like a perfect way to spend my 3 days off! I will miss the color run of course which I am very sad about but there will be plenty more of those races I can run in and this is a one of a kind opportunity. I am going to drive to Hastings to meet them after my shift and then sleep all the way down to Oklahoma probably. It will be devastating to see and I will have to prepare my heart for all of it. I can't imagine my home and neighbors' homes flattened! This will be Bailey and I's second misson trip together.

I made fun of her and said she is a lil crazy to go down there when she is 6 months pregnant but she replied "I'm pregnant, not a cancer patient.. I can rest when I die!" That is my attitude and I will also be able to cross off a goal on my list because I have been wanting to volunteer somewhere recently. From Hastings it is a 7 hour drive and I really wish Alex could join us but he has to stay home and make the money. We will be staying with one of Josh's friends down there so we won't have to pay for a hotel.

I will post all about it when I get back on Monday. Please pray for us and pray for the people we are helping because they need it oh so much!

She could see how every trouble is like a flood and you can either rise up on it or sink down in itand if you lean the weight of you — of it all — on the wood of the Cross, you always still rise.

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