Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great Start to a Fantastic Weekend!

Alex told me a couple days ago that his family was coming over Friday night. I didn't really think to much of it and didn't put two and two together that it would be a celebration for my birthday! So when Alex got home from work he had a DQ ice cream cake in hand and was ready to mow/clean the house to get ready. I woke up at 4 pm because I had worked the last 3 nights and had to still go get an outfit for this weekend and pick up some groceries so I was pressed for time. But I found everything I was looking for clothes wise at Old Navy and got an awesome deal by signing up for their card ( I don't normally do this and would have said no right away but it was $15 for just checking to see if you were approved and 25% off additionally if you were approved = $40 savings for me!!)

After a quick trip to Hy-vee I was back home where the party was already starting. Easton was playing baseball in our backyard with Julie and Alex and Eric were getting the grill ready. We had PLENTY of food..brats, potato/pasta salad, watermelon, baked beans, corn on the cob, bacon wrapped chicken, chips and salsa. I was in Carb Heaven! This was the first day in 2 weeks that I didn't count my carbs and aim for staying below 100 grams so I indulged a bit :) I counted them after everyone left and lets just say I had never seen that high of a number before! But on Monday it is time to buckle down because I am actually enjoying this low-carb diet and seeing results!
Alex's friend Cody and his friend Megan came over too and Cody even got be a card and gift certificate to Banana Republic. Alex's mom and dad got me a fancy garden accessory and a cute card. Debbie got me a lilac plant.

"I was worried you weren't going to get a birthday card with a cat wearing a sweater on it"

It was a great time and the ice cream cake hit the spot! Alex doesn't want to run our air because we need a new filter so it has been pretty stuffy in our house but thank goodness the fans work!

I just feel so blessed to have a husband that put all of this together and remembered me on my birthday enough to plan a little grill out. And I feel especially blessed to have been welcomed into an amazing family!


My Life This Second!

Favorite Funny Moment

Favorite Song
"Starts With Me" Tim Timmons
It's so catchy and has a beautiful meaning..Check out a sample here
You're my revival song, you start where I belong
On my knees, on my knees 
When I am weak or strong you meet me here
When I'm on my knees, on my knees 
Oh, it starts with me

Favorite Read 
Just finished The Great Gatsby in preparation for seeing the movie. I read it in High school but needed a refresher. Currently I'm on Book 2 of the Fifty Shades Series and I'm trying to finish it soon because the plot is kinda BLAH. 

Favorite Moment
Tonight Alex's brother Eric said that they have been doing a bible study with their neighborhood block. Eric told Alex that he would really enjoy it and he told me that he is going to try and get Alex to go. Makes my heart jump for joy because Eric is one of the biggest influences in Alex's life right now and I know that if someone he looks up to can give him the push to go to a bible study then Alex would really enjoy it :)

Favorite Goose-bumps Story
I heard this story briefly at work this morning and then heard more about it on Klove today. This man lost his 14 year old daughter after she had several seizures in August 2012. He was finally cleaning out her room and found a winning lottery ticket priced at $4.85 Million. The man was facing foreclosure and now he can pay for his kids to go to college and is even donating some of the money to his church. His daughter listened to Klove and it is just so amazing what God does when you least expect it! I truly believe this was a way that the girl could wrap her arms around her family after her loss and let them know that everything will be ok.

Favorite Piece of Mail

My business cards came in the mail today for my Etsy Shop :)

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