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Funny Moments from Our First Year {9 Months} of Marriage {Link Up}

Hello All!
 If your reading this from an area that does not have as beautiful weather as Omaha,NE today then I'm deeply sorry. I'm writing this post from my deck, basking in the spring breeze and watching Kobe Kitty swat at bugs! I've got coffee brewing (because it is morning for me) and my sister on my mind today because it is her first day at her Mayo Nursing Internship. Mayo is an amazing hospital that my sister has the wonderful opportunity of working/learning at this summer for 10 weeks! And even though I miss her very very much, I know this is a great step for her future career as a nurse {she does follow in some great footsteps} This week I will have 2 days off- 2 days on - then 2 days off again and I am kinda liking that schedule. It has given me time to post 5 new items to my shop!

But on to the Link Up! This comes from the new blog I follow Wifessionals and even though we haven't been married for a year yet, I thought I  would document some of our funny moments in our first 9 months. But first I wanted to give you a little background on our relationship if you don't know us that well. Alex and I met about 7 months after I had moved to Omaha. I was busy with my first nursing job at The Nebraska Medical Center on the night shift and pretty much just had time to sleep and go to the gym. Luckily (and I thank God all the time for this) I had chosen to become a member at 24 hour fitness instead of the YMCA. And 24 hour fitness does play a role in our relationship because we met at the gym at 2:00 AM! He was helping his friend Richard train for the marines and I had was just stretching following my workout. {I love telling this part of the story} He came up to me and said "Hey I was watching you workout and just wanted to say I think you are gorgeous" I was pretty dumbfounded and replied with "Even when I'm all sweaty??" Haha! But we struck up a conversation and the rest is history...Not a very long history mind you because that was in December 2010. By June 2011 we were engaged at Yellowstone National Park and Married at Heartland of America park in September 2012  :)
One of our Engagement Pictures in Grand Teton National Park

I think the funny moments in our relationship started right away from ordering pizza late at 1 AM on our wedding night to the crazy start to our Honeymoon. By my fault completely I thought I had reserved an All-Inclusive resort for our honeymoon. (Please use a travel agent folks!) I should have known by the price but I guess I was just so excited to book our honeymoon to Aruba that I brushed past that. Well as you can imagine I was very frustrated and in tears when we got there and found out our specific room was not part of  the all inclusive part of the resort. Alex tried to pick up my spirits and said "It's ok hunny we can just go to the grocery store and make our own meals, plus we don't drink that much to get our money's worth out of all-inclusive anyways" This is the part where I whine and exclaim "I don't want to COOK on my Honeymoon!!" After our first trip to the grocery store in Aruba we found out that things were pretty pricey and I was very frustrated and kicking myself, thinking that we would probably spend all of our wedding gift money just for food in Aruba for a week! But Alex's stomach had another plan. He was very hungry on our first night there and we decided to just go for a walk around our resort and maybe find a restaurant to eat at. His keen nose sniffed out some steak and seafood at a buffet on our resort. We walked in and Alex immediately grabbed a plate and said that we would probably just pay at our table afterwards. I was hesitant but all the food looked so good so we filled our plates and sat down. When we sat down I explained to Alex that I had noticed everyone was wearing green bracelets on their wrist. And I will never forget what he said "Hunny just hide one of your wrists under the table, this won't be very romantic but we are going to eat fast and get out of here!" Folks I don't condone our behavior and I don't want you to think of us as some Midwest cheap moochers but it was our Honeymoon.....and I did think we got the all inclusive.....and we were pretty hungry ;) We of course just ordered water (we didn't want to press our luck) hid our wrist under  the table and walked towards the dark shoreline with our bellies full!
I felt bad about it, and was like, ok we got one free meal now we will just explore restaurants for the rest of the trip but Alex was like "We could do this EVERY night!" with a big grin on his face. And yet again Alex's stomach won and I was a compliant wife. By our fourth night of mooching I was ordering wine and going back for seconds on dessert! Again I feel bad about this but if you tried their chicken nachos you would probably side with me ;)
My Hubby and the Beautiful Aruba Coastline

Shopping Downtown Aruba..Store named after me of course ;)

Squid Suctioned to Alex's Shoulder!! 

On the Snorkeling Catamaran cruise in Aruba 

Aruba was an amazing and exciting trip but that wasn't the end of our funny moments. I lot of our hilarious moments stem from being first time homeowners. Alex is not so handy and I am a DIY-er so I try to make everything "my little project". Which ends in many projects laying around the house, Alex frustrated and making fun of me for all my little messes and a LOT of help from friends and family to get our home in tip top shape. Just last month we were fighting over using the lawn mower! Alex was taking pride in the mower he bought and I was helping him bag the grass. Now I have mowed a lot of grass in my day (being a farm girl and all) and wanted to try my hand at mowing. I was watching Alex and starting to get bored so I motioned for him to hand over the mower and let me drive! He quickly replied "I want to do the first mowing!" Oh Brother!!! After convincing him to let me try I was mowing but not to his standards I guess because he said I looked like a Grandma driving it! I'm use to a riding lawn mower not this dinky lil push mowers!
Our First Home!!

 The second topic that always stirs up some hilarious comments have to do with our cat Kobe. He is always doing something that irritates Alex but those same things I just find are adorable :) From the way Kobe cuddles with us to me telling Alex I was going to start toilet training him...Kobe adds a lot of enjoyment to our (mostly my) lives. 
Snaggle Tooth!

Bring on the many many more funny moments in our marriage! Things that I am more likely to find much more funny than Alex ;) Hope you Enjoyed and Have a blessed rest of the day! I'm off to catch in a quick run before work!

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  1. Your home and landscaping is beautiful and love the honeymoon pictures! Makes me want to hit the ocean STAT! Also see that you're from NE... I'm from KC and a huge KU fan so we're rivals there! Have a great week Lauren!


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