Saturday, June 22, 2013

Night at the Theater

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a splendid weekend. Wanted to share about my adventures last night! Alex, Jack, Fidel and I went to World War Z at Aksarben Theater and then went to Ponzu for some sushi. Alex and Fidel have been missing out on their quality time together because school is out so it was great to finally reunite them after a month of not seeing each other! Fidel's mom dropped him off at the theater after we stopped and got some snacks at the gas station to smuggle into the theater (everyone does that right??) I had only seen a brief preview of the movie and was excited to see what all the talk was about (oh and Brad Pitt isn't bad on the big screen either) Since we sat in the handicap area at the front of the theater we were right in the action and I jumped several times! The movie had a lot of great stuff that is interesting like epidemics, zombies and oh yeah Brad Pitt ;)

 I thought the movie was pretty smart and also had some great scenery because part of the movie took place in Jerusalem. I would love to go there some day just to see all the history and be right in the setting of the Bible! I won't give away to much of the movie because I recommend you go check it out for yourself but it was one of those movies where the entire audience clapped at the end! Plus Jack said while we were walking around Aksarben that he felt like people were going to come up and bite him..Haha! 
After the movie we strolled around the area and even were at the front gates of the Gay Pride Celebration that was happening there. The music sounded like a lot of fun and we kept teasing Alex that he should go in there to see if he would get hit on ;) It didn't help matters that he was wearing a colorful tank to show of his muscles! Fidel thought our jokes were hilarious and missed poking fun at Alex like he would everyday in school. We were hungry and the only place open at 10:30 pm was a sushi place so we had some edamame and lobster ragoons to start off with. Fidel had never had edamame before so Alex showed him how to eat it which was pretty cute because Fidel didn't quite understand how to get the bean out of the pod.

Alex and Fidel shared a steak and french fries and Jack ordered the nasty seaweed stuff which turned out to be not that bad ;) I tried a couple of the tuna sushi rolls and Fidel tried sushi for the first time and enjoyed the ones with avocado! 
Best Buds!!
If you remember this post  I shared about Fidel and his back surgery. Fidel recently had a follow-up appointment and the doctors said he was doing great. His mom even shared this photo of the before and after x-rays and it is pretty remarkable to see! Medicine is truly amazing and I'm so glad to hear Fidel say "I feel great" when he talks about life after his surgery. Him and his mom want to go and talk to other kids with muscular dystrophy that are trying to decide whether or not to have surgery so they can tell their story about his great outcome! He is such a thoughtful kid and an inspiration to so many!!

BIG Difference!!


  1. I went and saw World War Z last night too! It was SO good - but I'm a huge Walking Dead fan, so I was expecting to like it.

    Brad Pitt wasn't too hard on the eyes either.

    1. Haha! I'm also a big Walking Dead fan! It was interesting to see some fast moving zombies though ;) and I love Brad Pitt's acting and well other things...


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