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Last Week in May & My Life this Second

Hi Everyone! this past week has been a great one! Mostly because I have had 4 out of the 5 days off :) Wednesday consisted of running a lot of errands which included ordering my new glasses. They will be here in about a week and I'm excited to embrace my new nerdy spectacles. I envision myself blogging & reading at Starbucks with other Hipster 20 year olds ;) Wednesday night was spent cleaning in preparation for family visiting, buying flowers and grilling savory marinated steaks.

Flowers from Mulhall's (thanks to our gift card to there) and garden globe from my wonderful Mother-in-Law
Marinated Steak - 3 simple ingredients: 2 tbsp Dejon mustard, 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp brown sugar. Recipe via IGE

Thursday I enjoyed sleeping in and then went for a 2 mile run before heading to work at the pregnancy center. My last patient of the night was a troubling case because she had an ectopic pregnancy. For those of you who don't know an ectopic pregnancy is one where the embryo doesn't make it all the way to the uterus and starts developing in the fallopian tube which is between the ovary and the uterus. We check for this in our "limited" ultrasound but due to liability reasons can not tell the woman she is having an ectopic pregnancy because the center is not trained to offer that information. However we have a wonderful and very experienced sonographer Sherri there that saw the ectopic right away. I had to look this poor woman in the eyes while stressing the importance that she see her doctor ASAP. I explained that we were not seeing what we were supposed to see and told her that she needs to go to the ER either tonight or tomorrow. All I can do now is pray that she took that advice and trust the medical providers to find the ectopic and treat her. Ectopic pregnancies unfortunately do not continue because if the baby continues to develop the sac will grow larger and larger and rupture the tube leading to hemorrhage.

After my shift I went straight to The Cheesecake Factory to meet up with my mom and sister. They were in town to do some shopping and pick up scrubs for my sisters internship at Mayo (She leaves tomorrow!!) I was very proud of myself because I knew with my low carb diet I couldn't have any of the bread that they serve you when you first sit down. I refrained from the bread and chose a salad despite really wanting BBQ pizza ;) The luau salad was delicious though and had a tasty vinaigrette dressing on it. But of course I was at The Cheesecake Factory and I knew I would feel very deprived if I didn't have a slice of cheesecake, so after asking the waitress how many carbs were in the "low carb" cheesecake I decided to order that knowing I wouldn't be able to have all of it because it was 40 grams!!! I don't know how they can even advertise that as low carb...but I had 3/4 of it and also a few bits of my mom and sisters REAL cheesecake ;)

Since my mom and sis were staying the night at our house we just hung out with Alex, watched tv and my sister and I browsed Pinterest (yes that is the lame thing we like to do together) I showed her all the ideas I had for her wedding..haha (she isn't even engaged yet) I couldn't sleep because I had coffee late in the day so I stayed up until 3 looking at blogs. I came across these two and and sent emails to them for a shout-out on their blog about my Etsy Shop. I am very excited to say that I am currently making a glass block for a giveaway on this blog

Friday mom, Megan and I went shopping at Village Pointe. We stayed at Charming Charlies for a loonnggg time and I ended up getting two pairs of flip-flops for only $12 total.
Mouse & Cheese earrings at Charming Charlies. Meg and I were laughing hysterically at these!!

Meg got a swim suit at Scheel's and soon it was time for them to head back to Marcus :( I will miss my sister so much and it stinks knowing that she is so far away. We will have to facetime and text frequently and I know she will have many great stories to tell about her experiences at one of the best Hospitals in the Country! We are planning on meeting up back home though the third week in June.
After walking around the mall I was ready to relax by the pool!
First Day Poolside of the Summer!!

When I got back from the pool our guests were on their way! Alex's grandma was in town so she stopped over to see our house for the first time. She is so sweet and kept saying what a lovely home we have. We enjoyed eating pizza with Alex's family and Cody, Kyle, and Jack. The boys played outside in the yard and Easton was humoring himself by peeing on the tree instead of going inside to pee and he was running around with a pickle and giggling! Oh Boy!! After mostly everyone had left Alex's parents and grandma and I sat on the patio and just enjoyed the relaxing, beautiful evening. Since this is only our second summer here at our house we always notice new flowers or things growing that we didn't know were there before and here is a cute little strawberry patch that the previous homeowner had planted.
Who knew we had Strawberries!! Too ripe to enjoy but should be ready soon!

So now it is almost 3 pm and my weekend is essentially over already because I work tonight and tomorrow. After having several days off of work I am usually ready to get back to the hospital though. Plus it keeps me from hitting up Dairy Queen or consuming too much chocolate while I lay around the house ;) Kobe is currently snuggling with me on this rainy afternoon and I'm gonna miss this lil fur ball when I have to leave tonight.
Just a quick update: there was another tornado in OKC last night and my aunt Julie and cousin Linda were there for the WCWS. I texted them right away to see if they were ok and they said they were eating at a restaurant and had to go to the basement of the restaurant while the storm passed. The tornado hit about a block away from where they were! Thank goodness they are okay! Please continue to pray for those poor families. I really really hope and pray they can get a break from all of these storms!

My Life This Second

Favorite Run of the Week
Not going a run in a week really must have gave me motivation to run a long ways! In a couple of weeks I run a 5.8K for Child advocates
Favorite New Blog

Favorite (Not So Favorite) Goal
NO Starbucks/Specialty Espresso for the month of June. Why? you might ask..well I'm asking myself the same question! But in an effort to save money and to save carbs I'm going to try to avoid coffee shops. And I'm POSITIVE it will only last a month :) 

Favorite Truth:

Have a Blessed and Happy Weekend!!!

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