Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nursing Funnies & Random Thoughts

I have updated my #shereadstruth check it out here:

So I had to share a few things I found humorous at the beginning of my shift. I went into a patient's room to introdue myself and he had a pretty decent sized beard. I told him my name and he said "I have been here for awhile, I didn't have this beard when I got here!" Oh that made me chuckle :)
The second story was a joke from my patient's friend. She isn't "all there" so I figured the joke would be a little odd ;) She said "I was riding in my car with my friend and we saw a house that was on fire, and then a lady came out of the house that was on fire, so I turned to my friend and said - "This ..Girl on Fire.." (in the tune of Alicia Keys song)" Oh Wow! never a dull moment in the life of a nurse!


And now for the serious stuff. I was catching up on some blogs and found a post that this mom wrote concerning why they don't allow their children to say "I'm Starving". Her husband went to Africa and has seen "starving" first hand. She describes how it is ok for your children to say they are hungry or that they would like to eat something but starving is a whole different thing. Starving means that you have not eaten in DAYS. This is a lesson I would definitely like to teach my children when they are old enough to understand and I can explain how their mom went to Africa and saw children that were very hungry and didn't have the proper nutrients in their diet. I will explain what those kids had to eat and that they were most likely always hungry. Here is the link to her post
I really need to also explain this to Alex because most of the times when he gets home from work he says that he is starving and that really isn't the case.

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