Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Post..Please Pray!

Hi Everyone! I just received an email from the Pregnancy center that I work at concerning a call for prayer. Lately the center has been sending out emails to the employees with tid-bits about some of the women's stories and situations. I like getting these emails because I haven't worked there in a couple weeks and it keeps me in touch but this last email was pretty sad, however there is still time to pray for her!
This specific 16 year old girl that is 5 weeks along is very scared to tell her mom. She even has asked for information as far as contacting a judge so that she can bypass telling her parents when she gets an abortion.
A little background information, the state of Nebraska requires girls under the age of 18 to have their parents permission before getting an abortion at any clinic in Nebraska. This is an amazing law that I  believe every state should have however just with any law there are loopholes. If a teenager goes before a judge and justifies that it would be dangerous to her health to tell her parents (meaning she would get beaten or severely punished) the judge can waive her need to notify her parents. I think this would also be in the case where parents are unfit such as into drugs and alcohol but the teen would have to have some substantial evidence to back her up. 
As of now this scared young woman has an abortion scheduled for TOMORROW! So please please pray for her and let her know there are people that are willing to help her and that God has a plan for the precious being inside of her!!

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