Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

I thought it would be neat to text my mom and dad separately asking them 3 things that they thought attributed to a long and happy marriage. This way on their 50th Wedding Anniversary I can remind them of the advice they shared so long ago ;)

Mom said...
1) Make sure to have fun together. Have a date night once a week
2) Rember that you need to compromise
3) Of course the obvious..Praying & God has to be a big part of your life
Dad said...
1) Make your partner feel special as often as possible
2) Find ways to have fun being with each other
3) Forget about the notion you had of a perfect marriage, just work things out.
His fourth piece of advice was remember "the grass always SEEMS greener.."

I think these are great pieces of advice and I'm not surprised that both of them said to have fun together. They sure know how to do that! The above picture was taken in Okoboji where they like to attend concerts, water ski or chill at bar foot bar. Plus it is easy to have fun when your children get you tikets to Hawaii for your 25th Wedding Anniversary ;) haha. I love the way my parents show their affection for each other by doing sweet things. One year my dad surprised my mom by flying her to Chicago just for one night. He had a limo waiting there when they landed and had a whole evening planned! My mom is always doing little things for my dad and is constantly his "patience" when he can't find his own! I know these two would do anything for me and they know that the most important relationship in a family is the relationship between the mom and dad! They have given me a great example of what compromise, dedication and committment are!


  1. I love that advice! It's so true - we all get caught up in our everyday life we forget to live to the moment and just have fun.

  2. That is too cute!! You're so lucky to have such loving parents.

    And your dad is such a romantic! Flying her out and planning a whole night?! That is so admirable. Love this <3


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