Sunday, June 9, 2013


After a couple days of work I was ready to get back to my projects and have a little time to relax for a few days! I started off Friday by going to my Aunt's garage sale to hand out some business cards and do a little thrift shopping of my own! I ended up with quite the steals and can't wait to get started on refurbishing my new items! I will be sure to post the finished product of each item!

Favorite find! Large dresser with mirror for $60

Even with only 4 hours of sleep that day I surprisingly managed to get a 2 mile run in and completed this workout from IGE. I liked it because it is sort of the cross fit feel that I have been going for lately and it keeps you distracted by doing only 20 seconds to 30 seconds of the same workout at a time. But by the 30 seconds plank at the end, my arms were wobbly and my legs were shaking! 


I enjoyed a quiet evening with a few episodes of King of Queens and Friends with a few too many honey roasted peanuts while I chilled on the couch. I have to also say that it was my parent's 27th wedding anniversary on Friday and I'm so blessed to have them as an amazing example of what marriage is all about! Alex and I have grew up with great examples of love and I'm sure we will celebrate many more anniversaries with our parents :) 
Clockwise - 1) Okoboji 2011 2) 25th Anniversary Party 3) Kendra's Wedding 4) Party again 5) Packers Game 2011


  1. Hi Lauren! Just hopped over to your blog and we share a middle name! Anyway, can't wait to see that dresser after you refurbish it! Cute blog and can't wait to follow along!

    1. Thanks Sarah, Marie is a great middle name to have :) I think the dresser is an antique so I know I shouldn't paint it but I am just so tempted to because I have tons of ideas for it! Thanks for following my blog!


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